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About Us

Our original patents were developed in the early to mid 1990’s when two inventors were seeking a better method for surface protection of ferrous metals. They discovered an aqueous product that demonstrated significant effects on metal surfaces, including reduction of friction and oxidation. Several years after the initial inventions, the former head of research and development for the lubricants division of Texaco joined the company to further develop the technology and help transfer the aqueous products into oil-based products for use in fuels and lubricants.

EnviroFuels was formed in December of 2002 to acquire and further develop the technology that improves the performance of internal combustion engines and other assets. Since 2002, EnviroFuels has continually developed the technology, expanded its intellectual property portfolio, installed rigid quality controls, and assembled a highly talented management and technical team to ensure the future success of the company.

EnviroFuels manufactures and markets patented fuel and lubricant technology to industrial and consumer markets. Since its inception, EnviroFuels has continually proven its products in various industrial platforms including, but not limited to aggregates, construction, dredging, drilling, food transportation, marine, mining, oil & gas, power, and railroad, consistently providing Improved fuel efficiency, reduced combustion emissions, minimized engine wear, and ULSD Solutions.

EnviroFuels consumer products include Blue Marble® high performance lubricant technology for 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines. EnviroFuels is currently developing other lubricant applications around the core technology for both the consumer and industrial markets. For more information about Blue Marble® products please visit

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